Abu Dhabi Freezones

Abu Dhabi Freezones

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) is worlds biggest free zone offering licenses for trading, logistics, industrial and service activities at cost effective fees. The lowest operating costs coupled with ease of doing business and market accessibility makes KIZAD the first choice of investors around the globe. KIZAD is linked to Khalifa port, one of the most advances deep-sea ports and first semi-automated container ports in the region. This port is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to facilitate trade in the country. KIZAD is the only free zone in the UAE offering free zone and Non free zone companies. It provides facilities like land, Pre-built warehouses, and furnished offices. An investor can register company in KIZAD as a single shareholder company or multi-shareholder with several partners.

KIZAD was officially commenced in September 2012 as part of the Abu Dhabi Economic vision 2030 of achieving high economic growth and prosperity for the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is housed on a site of 417 km2 and is next to the famous world-class Khalifa port. KIZAD is the flagship project of Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) which was founded in 2006 by Amiri Decree to operate , own and develop ports and industrial zones in Abu Dhabi. Its strategic location, together with its excellent air, sea, road, and rail transportation infrastructure provides access to over 4.5 billion consumers. A good thing about this zone is if you are renting an executive office, the trade license is given free of charge. Khalifa Industrial zone excellent infrastructure, low costs of operations, easy set up and running of businesses and huge amount of industrial land means that local and international business investors can enjoy dynamic growth with unlimited business opportunities. The biggest Aluminium smelter in the world, Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) is housed at kizad.

Key Benefits for company formation in KIZAD are :

  • Zero customs duty for goods and services within the zone
  • Strategic location connecting east and west
  • Efficiency in operations
  • Offers flexi-desk and offices to accommodate business within any business activity
  • Excellent transport network
  • Low cost of utilities
  • Low set up cost of leasing facility
  • One or more company shareholders acceptable
  • Speedy and efficient incorporation process
  • One stop shop service that responds to all the needs of the investors
  • Facilitates to suit all business types & all free zone benefits
  • Industry clusters for operational synergies
  • Highest quality warehousing facility among all UAE free zones
  • Connects the free zone with more than 60 international destinations

Masdar City was created in 2008, it combines ancient Arabic architectural techniques with modern technology and captures prevailing, embarked on a daring journey to develop the world’s most sustainable eco-city in the world, it covers an area of approximately 6 sq. km. Through smart investments Masdar city is successfully pioneering a ‘green print’ for how cities can accommodate rapid urbanization and dramatically reduce energy, water & waste. The Masdar city free zone and science & technology park is an emerging global clean-technology cluster that places its resident companies at the heart of the global renewable energy and clean-tech industry. As a testbed for renewable energy, companies established in Masdar city can pilot, demonstrate, refine, develop, and commercialize their technologies. It provides a multitude of incentives, such as 100% foreign ownership of companies eliminating the need for a local partner, a low-cost operational environment, full repatriation of capital and profits and exemption from import, export, corporate and personal taxes.

Masdar city is on its way to realizing its vision. But this is only the beginning. It continues to add new businesses, schools, restaurants, apartments and much more, creating the diversity of any major, modern city. After completion more than 40,000 people will live in Masdar City, with an additional 50,000 commuting every day to work and study. Masdar city relies on solar energy and other renewable energy sources but its unique construction allows for the temperature in the streets to be between 15- and 20-degree C, much cooler than the desert climate. It is powered by a 54-acre field with 87,777 solar panels and movement sensors have reduced electricity and water consumption by more than half. The project has gained the support of global organizations such as worldwide fund for nature, Bioregional and Greenpeace.

Major objectives or Benefits of the Masdar city free zone is:

  • 100% exemption from corporate and personal income taxes
  • Unrestricted repatriation of both capital and profits
  • No minimum capital requirement if setting up a branch
  • Research and development hub with potential to partner with the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
  • No import tariffs
  • Availability of the most cost-effective licensing and office space
  • Abu Dhabi international airport, Khalifa City, and YAS island are just 40 minutes away from Dubai
  • World class facilities and state of the art infrastructure for tech companies
  • Simple set up with a one stop shop for registration, government relations and visa processing
  • Cost effective licensing and office space
  • Connecting point to local, regional, and international markets
  • Enhanced framework of intellectual property protection

The Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD) is located at the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city spreading over an area spanning 40 square kilometers, with multiple clusters and vantage locations. In compliance with the new economic policy of UAE, Abu Dhabi is moving rapidly towards advancement in business, industrial and other sectors. For this purpose, an important step is the establishment of free zones. Currently Abu Dhabi has second highest number of free zones in UAE after Dubai while few new free zones are under-construction in the emirate. Most of the free zones in Abu Dhabi are dedicated to a single type of business or industry. This proves also true for ICAD which is dedicated for all types of industries. ICAD is the production of ZonesCorp, an industrial development organization of Abu Dhabi.

The Industrial free zone provides facilities and opportunities for all types of heavy and light industries. Few of these include oil & gas, steel, construction material, logistics, metals, food, and many others. An important advantage that all these industries avail in ICAD is its favorable geographical location. It has easy access to several ports and airports through fully constructed roads. Industries in this free zone can easily be connected to markets in different countries of every continent due to its proximity of sea, land, and air routes. Other reasons that attracts investors from different parts of world is the presence of flexible and cost-effective plot size for easy construction of companies and accommodations of workers. Apart from that, all types of other facilities required for various industries are also available in this specific free zone for companies. The whole city is constructed and is operated according to the highest environmental and technical standards.

All these facilities and suitable location makes ICAD as an attractive destination for companies related to big and small industries. ICAD has a thriving technological environment which contributes and supports present and future growth of different companies.

Advantages for setting up a business in ICAD is:

  • Zero customs duty on all imported and exported goods
  • Freedom of foreign ownership
  • Total repatriation of profits and capital
  • Easy access to licensing, business permits and employment visas
  • A prime location on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi
  • Benefits from utility connections
  • Convenient transport links to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East& North Africa (MENA) region
  • The most advanced means of communication networks
  • Exemption from all types of taxes
  • Highest environmental and technical standards

Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) free zone was established in 2013. It is a financial free zone located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. ADGM occupies the whole of Al Maryah Island and has been designated the financial center of Abu Dhabi, with its own civil and commercial laws. Established by federal decree in 2013, the ADGM is a key pillar of Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision, designated to act as a catalyst for the growth of a dynamic financial services sector in the UAE. The ADGM free zone became fully operational in October 2015 and is controlled by three independent authorities- the registration authority, the Financial service regulatory authority (FSRA) and the ADGM courts to ensure that our business friendly environment operates in line with international best practice that are recognized by major financial centres across the world.

In collaboration with the other international financial centres, global institutions and regulators, Abu Dhabi global market develops and supports member institutions with the regulatory framework, legal jurisdiction and attractive business environment they need for sustainable business growth. The regulation authority handles all aspect of incorporation, registration, and licensing of legal entities in ADGM. In addition, we provide all government related services for entities and professionals working on Al Maryah Island. Th team will provide guidance, review and process applications submitted by applicants who wish to establish a legal entity in ADGM in compliance with ADGM companies Regulations 2015, ADGM Commercial Licensing Regulations 2015. and accompanying ADGM’s Rules and regulations 2015. ADGM is not for financial services. Our legal and operational platform is attractive for a broad range of professional and business services, along with family businesses, corporate headquarters, and various management functions. We also provide a beneficial environment to domicile holding companies special purpose vehicles and other structures to hold and protect assets.

Benefits of Setting up a Business in ADGM free zone:

  • 0% tax for 50 years
  • Zero restriction on the repatriation of capital and profits
  • Common law jurisdiction
  • Simple and convenient business procedures
  • Availability of dedicated skilled professionals
  • No restrictions on nationality for the purpose of share ownership
  • No physical office space required in ADGM. As registered agent, the sovereign will provide registered addresses for special purpose vehicles (SPV’s)
  • Provide guidance and conducting supervision and where necessary taking disciplinary action.
  • In terms of corporate relations, it provides all support on govt related services including immigration, Visa’s, and health checks

Twofour54 came into existence on 21st December 2017. It is a media based free zone in Abu Dhabi, the international airport, and Yas Island. Named after the geographical co-ordinates of Abu Dhabi. It offers competitive economic benefits for companies such as simple licensing and business set-up services, and 100% company ownership in a stable environment. The Twofour54 Free zone currently encompasses over 400 companies operating in the creative industries, from international brands such as the CNN, Sky news Arabia and cartoon network studios through to a wide range of small to medium size companies.

The distinctive freelancer license provides access to a vast pool of media professionals ready to add value to all businesses that setup in the free zone. The free zone now has a talent pool of around 4,000 professionals including over 600 freelancers. The Twofour54 offers a campus environment with facilitated business networking state-of-the-art infrastructure, on-site vocational media training, world-class studio production and post-production facilities supported by technical staff, a strong IP protection framework and a critical mass of sector knowledge and talent. Additionally, Twofour54 supervises the implementation of the operational policies and strategies in the free zone. Prominent media houses like Thomson Reuters Foundation, CNN, Financial Times, BBC etc. have set up their operations in Twofour54. It also has a talent pool of nearly 4000 professionals including 600 freelancers.

The purpose of Twofour54 free zone is to improve Arabic media and entertainment for Arabs and to make regionally Abu Dhabi Media zone as center of perfection in all fields of media and entertainment like movie, music, broadcast, digital media, gaming, publishing and events. The media zone authority is responsible for overseeing all regulatory and licensing aspects of the free zone, which includes developing and ensuring compliances with, the regulations, codes, and policies, as well as registering and licensing companies, branches, and sole proprietors. It further develops initiatives and events to facilitate business integration, networking, and collaborative development.

Key benefits to start up the business in Twofour54 :

  • Full company ownership and 0% import tariffs
  • No restriction on capital repatriation
  • 30% cash rebate on international film and TV production spends
  • No minimum share capital requirements for the entity to be registered
  • No security deposit payable for required visas
  • Allows individuals to operate as a freelance professional in the twofour54 media zone and entertainment hub
  • It is an independent legal entity which includes independent shareholders and corporate shareholders or a mixture of both
  • One stop shop for state-of-the-art production facilities

The Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) also known as Khalifa port is a master developer and regulator of ports and industrial zones. It is one of the largest projects in the UAE which was established in the year 2012. In order to contribute to the prosperity of Abu Dhabi by increasing trade and inbound investment. Abu Dhabi port is the regulatory body which controls all the trade and master development of the Khalifa port. The main motive of ADPC is to create sustainable growth that boosts and diversifies the economy of Abu Dhabi by developing its infrastructure, real estate, and business service in accordance with the private sector. The primary objective of the Abu Dhabi Port is to develop the Khalifa port and all other ports (Except the oil & gas and military ports) and related infrastructure in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

ADPC will develop and incubate new companies that service and operate in the ports and zones sector. An example of this is Abu Dhabi Terminals, a joint venture company between ADPC and Mubadala, which is responsible for all port terminal operations in the emirate. Another such entity is the industrial zone operating company which will be responsible for operating and marketing the heavy industries zone. ADPC aims to create various such entities in order to serve the needs of its customers. These subsidiaries and alliances may span the following range of services and operations: zone operators, port terminal operators, utility operators, real estate developers, education and training operators, logistics operators, value added service operators and several others.

The Khalifa port is strategically built between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in Taweelah, which covers 2.7 sq. kilometers of the area, and is the first-automated port in the UAE. Companies in the Khalifa Port are benefited from its best integrated information and communication technology (ICT) and automated marine services. Its wide and well-built connectivity provides access to 52 international maritime ports and to around 4.5 billion people within 4 different zones, Khalifa port in Abu Dhabi has over 20 shipping lines to support and develop trading at present.

Why to Set up a Business in Abu Dhabi Port are as follows:

  • Safety and security
  • Integrity and fairness
  • Stakeholders focus
  • Quality and Sustainable development
  • Achieve sustainable development while supporting community needs and presenting local values
  • A focused provider of world-class integrated ports and industrial zone services
  • It can develop and maintain long-term relationships with leading local and international customers
  • Increase shareholders value and satisfy other stakeholders’ expectation
  • Dynamism and Teamwork
  • Employer of choice that attracts and retains high caliber staff

Abu Dhabi airport free zone is located next to Abu Dhabi international airport, offering wide range of facilities to satisfy immediate business requirements through business parks, logistics park and business center at Abu Dhabi international airport, Al Ain international airport and Al Bateen Executive airport. ADAFZ was founded in March 2006 with an aim to persuade major improvement in the Emirates Aviation sector. Sky city, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Airports company is responsible for developing Abu Dhabi Airport Free zone , which is comprehensive business park in the vicinity of Abu Dhabi International airport. It offers regular free zone benefits like world class infrastructure facilities, tax exemptions, and 100% foreign company ownership, etc. to investors belonging to aviation, airport services, Aerospace, logistics, cargo and freight sectors, apart from the infrastructural benefits like warehousing and logistics units, land plots, and commercial offices for business setup.

The main purpose of company formation in Abu Dhabi free zone is making it a unique destination for international and local organizations. Investors can conduct business in the following sectors in ADAFZ like aviation, IT & Telecommunication, pharmaceuticals, trading, Consulting management, light industries, marketing and event management, aerospace, airport services, defense, cargo, logistics and Freight. Abu Dhabi airport free zone has efficient procedure to start a business for a local or an expat. The time period for processing and approving your business setup will vary from 2-3 weeks, depending on the type of activity and the license required for the same.

Benefits for setting up a business in ADAFZ:

  • Total tax and income exemption
  • No customs duty
  • Close proximity to the airport for import and export
  • Quick simple registration and licensing
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 24/7 security and access to facilities
  • Access to regional market
  • In-house IT and telecommunication services
  • Independent regulations
  • FZ registration & licensing, environment & services
  • Strategic location with close proximity to Abu Dhabi international airport

Types of Companies in UAE

A global destination such as UAE provides a great opportunity to those who want to start a business. Not only does have ultramodern architecture, but also has the vision, drive, and talent to grow.

Mainland Company

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Freezone Company

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Offshore Company

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Foriegn Company

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