Product Registration

Product Registration

Dubai is one of the largest and most important trading hubs in Middle East. It provides one of the best opportunities for merchants around the world to import, manufacture, distribute and re-export a large number of products including cosmetics, food, health suppliments, hand sanitizers, herbal products, and many others. Dubai is a hub of trade between different markets on an international level. For this purpose, there is a complete registration process developed by the government of Dubai. This process ensures that only high-quality products are imported and manufactured in Dubai. 

BIZMASTER CONSULTANCY team are an experienced business consultant in Dubai and can support you in registering cosmetics and food products in Dubai. Our team will be happy to assist you with their expertise skills since we have years of experience in Dubai Regulatory Affairs achieving hundreds of happy customers throughout.


Since customers safety is the basic principle of product registration, its process allows the CPPS (Consumer Products Safety Section) to collect adequate information to assess the safety of cosmetic products etc. Product registration is a process carried out by the relevant authorities in a specific country to register any imported or manufactured product in that country. Different types of products are registered through this important process. All the products are required to be registered before their import, promote, and sell in Dubai. In Dubai, the product registration process is conducted by several authorities such as safety and health section of Dubai Municipality, Food department. The most important one is Dubai Municipality while other departments are also required for completion of this process.

The DM products registration process ensure that each product either its cosmetic  or packaged food product has all the necessary information on its label, so consumer gets the clear information about the product that what they are going to buy.

For cosmetics products registration the Dubai Municipality process checks the presence of any substance that may be harmful on the human body and same for food products, anything that might be restricted or not suitable for human consumption will be rejected to import to Dubai

All the products registered in Dubai are integrated into a single system. Where all the consumer goods in Dubai are registered. This makes it easier for government, traders, and customers to get detailed information about all the consumer products in Dubai.


Food products registration in UAE and to register cosmetic products in Dubai protect the domestic markets by restricting fake products and harmful goods. Dubai municipality product registration controls the entry of products into the UAE market to ensure product quality and customer safety by focusing on product registrations, product inspections and random product testing. Cosmetic product registration in the UAE and Dubai municipality food items registration protect the domestic market and customer safety. They also provide enormous benefits to the manufacturer and trader like label protection, brand protection, free sale certification, import rights, export rights as well as hassle-free trade in the UAE and GCC market. 

The validity of Product Registration in Dubai

The product registration in Dubai is valid for 5 years for every registered product.

Key Benefits for Product Registration:

  • The product can be import, sell, and promote in the Dubai local market
  • Hassle free trade in UAE and globally
  • Except for a few harmful and unethical products, there is a large variety of products that are allowed to be registered in Dubai
  • Registration of your product in Dubai will make it eligible not only for Dubai, but you can also launch your product in the other emirates.
  • Food registration process in Dubai has been integrated with ZAD (federal portal for the trading of food products). This has increased quality of food products in Dubai that makes them ideal for re-export
  • A detailed & proper guidance will be given before registering any product 



Cosmetic product registration in UAE and product registration in Dubai municipality depend on the specific product and the registration process can vary. The manufacturer or trader must comply with the latest product standards and regulations to obtain product registration allowing them to produce, export or import products into the UAE market.

Before starting your consumer  products registration in DM or your food products registration in Dubai, you need to start your business startup in Dubai. As an experienced business consultant in UAE, we can support you with the company formation. After successfully obtaining your trade license, the company needs to be registered with Dubai municipality. After setting up your business and register it with Dubai Municipality, the next step is to apply for the product label assessment. This step requires the review of all product information, including the barcode , the trade name, the brand name, nutritional information, country of origin, storage conditions etc. After finalizing the assessment process, a report will be submitted. Sometimes the reports come with remarks and modifications of the label could be necessary.



Dubai is a vital hub for the international trade of cosmetic products. Therefore, cosmetic product registration in Dubai is mandatory before launching the product. In accordance with the law, there shall be no manufacture, import, export, advertisement, sell or distribution of personal care products without a valid cosmetic product registration. Cosmetic products are all products to clean, protect, perfume, correct body odors, change the appearance or aiming to keep the skin in good condition. 

To ensure the safety of the customer and to protect the domestic market, several substances to be placed in contract with the human body needs to be registered with Dubai Municipality. Products placed in contact with the skin, nails, hair, and lips are like cream, perfume, or make-up as well as many other cosmetic products need to be registered. The cosmetic products registration procedures, requirement and testing depend on the specific product, can slightly vary, and change from time to time. Cosmetic products need to be registered with the Dubai Municipality before entering the UAE market. The cosmetic products need to pass product tests and safety examinations. the manufacturers and traders need to meet certain criteria to successfully register cosmetic products in Dubai.



For any Product registration or Cosmetic product registration needs, our “BIZMASTER” team will guide & provide you the best in services & experiences with affordable price & pocket friendly deals to register your product into the business effortlessly in UAE. Along with product registration service our team of consultancy also takes care of company formation, liquidation, advisory, registration & licensing process, trademark registration by giving the best business facility throughout. Contact us, we will be more than happy to answer your queries.

Types of Companies in UAE

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Mainland Company

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We combine expertise across disciplines, locations, and sectors. Mauris sit amet molestie dictum, ex velit viverra urna, eget euismod justo augue in eros.

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