Sharjah Freezones

Sharjah Freezones

Sharjah Media City(SHAMS) free zone was established in January 2017 with an aim to act as a catalyst for creative and media businesses to flourish. Shams is a world-class media hub of innovative facilities and services. The free zone covers a wide array of business activities available for investors aspiring to embark on their entrepreneurial journey in the Middle east. The process to set up a business in Shams is similar to that in any other free zone in Sharjah, owing to the emirates business-friendly laws and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Shams is a robust environment for media business and issues license to business entities, freelancers and entrepreneurs planning to set up a business.

Shams mission is to make creative entrepreneurship accessible to all aspiring startups, SME’s and established companies striving to grow their business both locally and globally. Shams is a dynamic initiative that makes a strong connection with the talented individuals to attract. As a creative forward-thinking community, Shams will inspire and shape Shams world and celebrate Shams many successes both individually and as a group. Shams offers smart innovative services, coupled with a holistic community-centered approach. Shams place great value on localized content, and actively encourage entrepreneurial talent from within this thriving community.

Advantages for business setup in SHAMS :

  • 0% import and export duties and 0% corporate tax for 50 years
  • No paid-up share capital or annual audit
  • Physical presence in the UAE not required to incorporate your new company
  • Inexpensive workforce and easy recruitment procedures
  • Vast activities covering services, trading, and industrial licenses with multiple visas
  • All documentation issued in 2 days
  • No annual audit reports
  • Cost effective licensing
  • Companies will be limited in liability
  • No need of NOC to start your own company

Sharjah Publishing City is the world’s very first publishing free zone, offering those in the book industry the opportunity to capitalize on tax-free privileges while benefitting from being a wholly independently owned and operated company.

The cultural capital of the UAE, Sharjah Publishing City is a free zone for printing and publishing, being one of a kind in the world, SPC free zone is one of the most attractive destinations for all the publishers and book lovers. Covering a landscape of 400,000 square meters, it provides good warehousing and office space facilities for business owners. SPC is managed by Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) and is under the rule of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, the supreme council member and ruler of Sharjah. SPC free zone serves as a cultural hub and the most preferred destination for book traders. Publishing companies here get the advantage of having a land lease for 25 years which can be renewed, and full freedom in publishing. SPC authorities provide a license within 24 hours. Business set up in Sharjah provides plenty of facilities for new entrepreneurs and business ventures with which they can get a head start in their business.

Opening a company in Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) free zone is a straightforward and simple process. The global reach of this free zone is unmatchable due to transportation and logistics infrastructure of the UAE. It is capable enough to gain a significant presence in the global printing and publishing industry through its robust infrastructure and printing ecosystem. It is becoming an investor hotbed and a major publishing hub of the Middle East.

Key benefits for company formation in Sharjah Publishing City free zone are:

  • Flexible office space choices- Flexidesk, furnished shell and core
  • Low cost skilled labor available
  • Low-cost of living , manpower supply and of printing logistics
  • Liberal bank account opening and maintenance
  • Bank account that supports multiple currencies
  • The companies in SPC can employee 100% of expatriates
  • Ideal for any kind of international business
  • Quick incorporation in 2-3 working days
  • No local and national assistance needed
  • Well-structured transport links- air, sea, road
  • There is provision of trading license within 24 hours of lifespan
  • Local sponsorship and E-channel visa services are provided for the staff of any company

USARTC is an initiative of the Sharjah government to partake towards investment-oriented economy and take a giant leap to be the regional hub for international business transactions. USARTC free zone helps US SME’s that are looking to do business, are new to exporting and more experienced exporters to the UAE and greater region.

Whether its rich, vibrant culture or state of the art infrastructure, Sharjah offers very attractive investment opportunities in all sectors. Truth is, when it comes to the rapidly growth Gulf region, what Sharjah offers is hard to beat. Strengthening Sharjah’s economy, Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Corporation, inaugurated the USA Regional Trade Center (USARTC) in 2012. As part of the efforts to boost bilateral cooperation between Sharjah and USA, the USARTC will help enhance Sharjah’s position as a regional hub for US investment in the Middle East and attract US companies to the regional markets, and further boost the leading position of Sharjah as a destination of choice for business and investment.

The USA Regional Trade Center (USATRC) was established in the year 2011. The USARTC offers small and middle-sized enterprises (SME’s) the opportunity to grow commercially and expand their trade in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It helps SME’s by assisting them in exploring and entering the market, including establishing a presence in the UAE and other regions.

The USARTC aims to facilitate, particularly start-ups and SME’s in entering and staying in the regional markets by providing a cost-effective, centrally located venue with excellent infrastructure and a highly skilled workforce.

Benefits for setting up a business in the USA Regional Trade Center is:

  • Comprehensive client relationship management providing efficient services for processing documentation
  • Support of US businesses and economic expansion
  • Zero import and export tax & zero personal tax
  • Flexible and customizable services for client needs
  • Low barriers to MENA market entrance
  • Streamlined and investor friendly procedures
  • Provision to conduct multiple business activities
  • By starting a business in the USARTC, one can establish a regional presence at a prestigious address beside Sharjah Expo Center
  • A syndicate of experts promoting Small and Medium sized enterprises
  • A self-driven sector showcasing distribution, logistics, import and export from single place
  • One-point contact channelizing trade and business between the US, middle east, and Indian continent
  • One of the fastest growing free zones in the Emirates

Sharjah airport international free zone (SAIF Zone) is located next to Sharjah international airport and one of the most reputed and well-established free zones in UAE. SAIF zone is just 20 minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport. It is an ideal place to register the company in Sharjah UAE, for all type of businesses, which require fast, efficient and a trouble-free working environment. It provides state of the art facilities with air-conditioned and furnished executive suites with reception, pre-built warehouses in four sizes with adjacent office space and lease land for unrestricted private development, bunkers, container parking area and temporary storage space.

Acknowledged throughout the gulf region as the seat of learning and culture, Sharjah is blessed with a rich culture, colorful history, and age-old traditions. Despite impressive and accelerated business growth there has been deliberate effort to preserve and restore historic monuments and sites. Sharjah offers cost-effective living and world class educational options for the SAIF zone investor. A multinational education system at all levels is available to ensure all educational requirements for families are met. Sharjah has a booming tourism industry attracting interested visitors from around the globe to enjoy its beautiful beaches, diverse restaurants, shopping and entertainment offerings and international standard hotels.

In addition to tax free operation and an absence of red tape, the SAIF zone offers unbeatable trade incentives and unparalleled benefits to investors:

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • License issued within 24 hours
  • On site labor accommodation
  • Access to over 2 billion customers resource rich strategic location
  • 24-hour hotline for equipment and provision of labor
  • Global and regional communications with excellent air, land, and sea links
  • Availability of choice of location for business and plots in different sized pre-built warehouses and office space
  • Transfer of funds and stable currency linked to the US dollar without any hidden charges
  • Competitive structure of fee, property, and management
  • Simplified procedures
  • Freedom for foreign ownership and repatriation of funds without any currency restrictions
  • Leasing facility for up to 25 years extendable to another 25 years

Located in Sharjah Hamriyah free zone was founded in November 12, 1995 by Emiri Decree No.6 of 1995. HFZ is the UAE’s second largest industrial free zone, spanning around 26 square kilometers. It is now home to over 6500 businesses from over 160 countries worldwide. The Hamriyah Free zone is uniquely located at the intersection of three continents, with ports on both the Arabian Gulf on the west and the Gulf of Oman on the east, making it a prime location for investors. HFZA also boasts world-class facilities such as offices, warehouses, factories, and executive office suiters, with over 15 on-site services including banking and auditing firms, currency exchanges, conference rooms, staff accommodation and more.

The HFZA provides customers looking to set up their businesses in the UAE with unique advantages and competitive incentives, raging from a corporate, income, import and export tax-free environment with full foreign ownership, and exemptions from all commercial charges.

Customers can Avail many Benefits for setting up a Business in HFZA:

  • Renewable short term and long-term lease options
  • Access to the GCC and UAE markets
  • Business set up in an hour
  • Online services for visas, renewals, and other applications
  • Onsite customs facilities and labor accommodations
  • Fixed land lease rates for the first 10 years
  • Access to 4-meter-deep inner Harbor and 14-meter-deep port
  • 24 hours security within the free zone
  • Single window convenience for all administrative services
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • A good road network, electricity, and water infrastructure
  • Special benefits in VAT
  • No re-export, export, or customs duty
  • Plots can be developed for up to 60% by investors
  • Strong land, air, and sea connectivity- including access to three seaports, and Sharjah international airport

Types of Companies in UAE

A global destination such as UAE provides a great opportunity to those who want to start a business. Not only does have ultramodern architecture, but also has the vision, drive, and talent to grow.

Mainland Company

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Freezone Company

We combine expertise across disciplines, locations, and sectors. Mauris sit amet molestie dictum, ex velit viverra urna, eget euismod justo augue in eros.

Offshore Company

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Foriegn Company

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